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John Lennon Wall Prague is the symbol of freedom and at the same time as the landmark of the Beatles area. However, it used to be an ordinary wall and since the 1980s it was inspired by graffiti and pieces of the Beatles songs.

The history of the John Lennon Wall Prague

During 1988 this used to be the source of bad mood in the communist era – the time of the Czechoslovakia president Gustáv Husák (he was Slovak). People got used to write and express their wishes and also regrets to this wall which led to the clast of the security police and the students on Charles Bridge. And thus the name Lennonism was dragged. Communists depicts them as people who are addicted to alcohol, who are mentally ill, or even as the agents of Western capitalism.

The communist regime and its efforts to remove pictures from the John Lennon Wall Prague

In these days the wall itself looks different as it underwent changes. The Portrait of John Lennon on John Lennon Wall Prague is hidden under the other layers of other pictures. And even the communists removed the paintings, on the other day the wall was written by the lyrics of the Beatles and painted by flowers. And now the John Lennon Wall stands for the symbol of love and liberty in the world. The owner the Sovereign Military Order of Malta allows the graffiti continue on the wall (it is situated at Velkopřevorské náměstí at Mala Strana).

War is over – Wall is over

On the day on the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution – on 17th November 2014. The John Lennon Wall Prague was painted in white and there was left only the text: Wall is over. This was changed into War is Over.


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